A case of “The best band you never heard in your life”?

Mistreater is one of those bands you never heard of and when you do, you think “how come these guys never made it onto the big stage?”. This sounds as “if Black Sabbath had been born and bred in an Ohio mobile home and raised on a steady diet of smoke and acid”.

The album is available on vinyl from On the Dole Records. Check it out on Bandcamp.

The “Viking”

Behold the “Viking”. Its a calorie filled monstrosity, but man, it is good! The Viking is basically a Calzone with the topped sliced off and filled with a kebab.

Best food item since sliced bread. And yeah, if you want a really good pizza – go to Sweden, preferably DG’s Pizza in Jakan.

Celibate Rifles

Listening to Celibate Rifles debut album, Sideroxlyn. Even though it was recorded on a shoe string budget, you still can hear the nerve in the music. I also like that they throw in a saxophone here and there for good measures. The singer, Damien Lovelock, died unfortunately a few years ago from cancer..

När vi skulle få kabel via satellit en gång i tiden

Långt innan streaming fanns det bara ett alternativ: kabel-tv. Det här var 2006 och jag valde Canal Digital för att installation av parabolantennen ingick i köpet. Vad de inte berättade var att installationen bara sträckte sig till två meter ovanför marken. Vår installatör var ungefär 1,5 lång och ville helst av allt spika upp antennskrället på staketet som går mellan vår och grannens tomt. Jag lyckades övertala honom att ställa sig på en stol och sträcka på sig. Till slut satt den där jävla parabolantennen ganska precis 190 centimeter ovan marken. Och vi fick 70 kanaler att välja mellan men det fanns ingenting att titta på. Ungefär som nu.

The sirens are calling

Its gray and windy outside. Spending the day on the couch, admiring my art and listening to Foo Fighters. But in the distance I can hear my Xbox calling “come play with me”. Who am I to resist a temptation?

Getting there

I’m getting there… My life is quite devoid of exciting moments. But who knows? Something might happen and if it does, it will appear here. Maybe.

It’s not that bad.